Our services tackle qualitative and quantitative research from every angle, but this list is just the start. How we tailor each of these tactics to your needs is the core of what we really do at ANR. Always customized; never off the shelf.

Qualitative Research Services

Let’s get down to the “whys” – the emotional and rational responses that give you real insight into how people perceive your brand. With a team of 6 experienced moderators and a dedicated Field Services division, we regularly customize any of the following to suit your goals.

  • Focus Groups
  • Ethnography
  • In-depth interviews: in-person, telephone, online interviews
  • Discovery Groups®
  • Individual Response Ad Testing
  • Benefit/Barrier Testing
  • Usability testing
Field Services

Great qualitative research hinges on the audience. Recruiting is part art and part science, and it ensures we’ve got the right people in the room, answering all the key questions. Our in-house field services team designs and carries out successful, in-depth qualitative studies via:

Quantitative Research Services

Numbers read like novels in the right hands. There’s no limit to what a quantitative study can yield, but it has to start with meaningful data. At ANR, we employ a range of methods that supply us with excellent data—information we’ll sift into insight.

  • tracking studies
  • concept testing
  • longitudinal studies
  • phone, internet, mail, & intercept methodologies