Every problem is unique. ANR designs and conducts customized research to meet the specific needs of each client and project.

Retail / Nonprofit / Communications

How can we help?

ANR helped a foundation and a nonprofit explore how young people in underserved communities could be motivated to build valuable skills and consider careers in retail.


What should we name it?

A major television network relied on ANR’s qualitative and quantitative services to choose a name and programming direction for its new streaming channel.

Healthcare / Pharmaceuticals

How does it feel?

A global pharmaceutical company consulted ANR to understand the underlying emotions and needs of patients affected by diabetes.

Healthcare / Federal Government / Communications

What guidance can we provide?

Working with an international public relations firm, ANR designed qualitative and quantitative studies to help the federal government implement electronic health records.


How should we talk to them?

A nationally recognized health system needed to improve internal communications. With ANR’s research insights, they were able to streamline and enhance their messaging companywide.

Healthcare / Insurance

What’s most important?

A federal agency enlisted ANR to better understand a wide range of physician preferences that would impact the implementation of a highly complex healthcare program.

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