How does it feel?

A major pharmaceutical company needed to understand the emotional effects of diabetes and the most fundamental issues facing those with the disease.

Our focus group participants shared their intimate thoughts and concerns, providing actionable insights for the development of a diabetes medication. This helped our client to clarify the most important features of a successful medication, identify which drugs in their clinical trials had those features, and successfully communicate with diabetes patients about their medications.

What should we name it?

What’s it like to work in television? Usually fun, and always interesting.

Recently, the network introduced a new streaming media service to its lineup. They wanted to name the new service and they wanted the programming to appeal to a young audience. Conducting focus groups in Chicago, Dallas, and Tampa, we tested options for naming a new channel, as well as responses to the content it would show.

How can we help?

The Walton Family Foundation wanted to help economically disadvantaged young people develop career skills and professional opportunities in the retail sector. Working with FHI360, a nonprofit human development firm, ANR developed exploratory research to identify perceptions about retail careers in this group.

FHI360 developed a better understanding of how to best communicate with this group and help fulfill the Walton Family Foundation’s goal of serving disadvantaged communities and providing them opportunities through retail.

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