Why do they see it that way?

A federal agency sought a deeper understanding of insurance decision-making among target Health Insurance Marketplace consumers. When options are available, why do some elect to buy coverage, while others decline?

We found commonalities among the groups — frustration with a complex system and feelings of dread about shopping and paying for health insurance. Those who were uninsured shared a sense of shame about not having coverage. In an unexpected finding, we learned that while many lacked insurance due to cost. Others had clear rationales for remaining uninsured, even when they could afford premiums.

Using our proprietary Discovery Group™ methodology, we conducted focus groups and online bulletin boards with insurance consumers segmented by age and income.

What are their needs?

The federal government, working with private insurers and state governments, has an ongoing commitment to understanding the issues facing people eligible for both Medicare and Medicaid — also known as “dual eligible” beneficiaries. Often, they are in poor health, have limited education, and struggle in many ways. State and federal healthcare programs can be a challenge for them to navigate.

Recruiting dual-eligible participants, and making sure we reach them, is a challenge to which we’ve adapted. If leaving home for an interview isn’t an option, we can interview in home or over the phone. We accommodate needs for translators, transportation over long distances, proxies or partners to assist, and other special services. We understand and respect this vulnerable population, and as a result, our government client and its state partners trust us to get the information they need and do no harm in the process.

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