Will they watch and learn?

A national media company produces Bible story videos. They wanted to see how children in Sunday school would respond to the stories. The ANR field services team set out to create a realistic setting where children and the client could interact and get a firsthand look at the videos in action.

We created a classroom complete with faith leaders, crafts, singing, and of course, the videos. Our client acted as a co-moderator — leading the children through Bible stories, making craft bracelets, singing songs, and watching videos with corresponding lessons. ANR researchers guided the discussion, gauging the children’s reactions and asking probative questions to gather more details.

Spoiler alert: they loved them. They enjoyed the characters. They understood the relationship between what they saw and the other classroom activities. And they weren’t shy about offering their opinions and suggestions on how to make the videos even better.

Where are they headed?

A well-known tourism destination was developing a new logo, tagline, and collateral material. It was a big change, and they wanted to be certain they were choosing the right approach. ANR partnered with their advertising agency to deliver key insights and ensure the results were on-point and resonated with the target audience.

Participants weighed in on visual identities, colors, fonts, taglines, T-shirts, and more. They discussed the emotional effects of the brand — what made an impact and what fell flat. Guided by our experienced facilitators, the groups dissected the details and offered their unvarnished views. The brand concepts were further tested through an online quantitative study.

What should we name it?

What’s it like to work in television? Usually fun, and always interesting.

Recently, the network introduced a new streaming media service to its lineup. They wanted to name the new service and they wanted the programming to appeal to a young audience. Conducting focus groups in Chicago, Dallas, and Tampa, we tested options for naming a new channel, as well as responses to the content it would show.

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