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A global pharmaceutical company consulted ANR to understand the underlying emotions and needs of patients affected by diabetes.

A major pharmaceutical company needed to understand the emotional effects of diabetes and the most fundamental issues facing those with the disease.

Our focus group participants shared their intimate thoughts and concerns, providing actionable insights for the development of a diabetes medication. This helped our client to clarify the most important features of a successful medication, identify which drugs in their clinical trials had those features, and successfully communicate with diabetes patients about their medications.

We employed our Discovery Group™ process — a methodology developed by ANR using practical and projective at-home exercises, combined with subsequent focus groups. In the process, we uncovered the emotional hurdles that people with diabetes and caregivers face. For example, we learned that for both audiences, constant vigilance is as much a part of the disease as any physical effects. A cut on the foot may never heal, sugar needs to be monitored continually — the tension due to diabetes is ever present. Many feel a sense of failure if they need insulin, and once it’s prescribed, their fears of disease progression are realized.


Healthcare / Pharmaceuticals


Qualitative, Discovery Group™, Focus Groups, In-Depth Interviews

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