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A nationally recognized health system needed to improve internal communications. With ANR’s research insights, they were able to streamline and enhance their messaging companywide.

A health system with more than 10,000 employees wanted to improve internal communications. From doctors to administrators to truck drivers, the organization had a wide range of employees spread across multiple locations. They wanted to know how to talk to the right people at the right time in the right place.

The need to prioritize, filter for importance, and consolidate employee communication channels was a clear finding from the research. Employees told us they were frustrated and overwhelmed by their employer’s use of multiple communication platforms, which included email, texts, pagers, and posters. They were also dissatisfied with the timeliness and relevance of the information they received.

We conducted exploratory focus groups with current employees who represented a mix of departments and roles within the organization.

Based on this learning, the health system developed programs to test, including a communications hub initiative, and more extensive use of targeted person-to-person messaging. They were able to streamline and enhance their internal communications.

Since our initial research five years ago, we have continued to work with this valuable partner to uncover insights that help them provide the best care for their patients and community.




Focus Groups, Exploratory Research

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