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When a well-known hospital developed a new multi-use facility, they turned to ANR to test the concept.

A nationally-recognized hospital was studying the concept of combining orthopedic and neurological rehabilitation services in one community clinic — and coordinating the care associated with both. Working with a healthcare communications firm, they turned to ANR to uncover perceptions of the combined services, clinic location, naming options, and value to the community.

The results were positive. Many people were already patients at more than one rehabilitation clinic, so the idea of a “one-stop shop” was appealing. It offered coordinated care for different services and the convenience of pre-authorization and insurance verification. Affiliation with our well-recognized client was also seen as appealing and relevant. When it came to naming options, the participants offered clear opinions as to what worked and what didn’t.

We conducted focus groups with patients and non-patients, as well as multiple intercept interviews at clinical locations. We listened as participants detailed their experiences with rehabilitation services and talked about convenience, medical staff, and getting results. We tested proposed names for the new facility.

From physician relationships to communication and coordination of care, we were able to drill down and understand the mood of the market. As a result of ANR’s study, the hospital discovered the importance of the new services to its patients and also learned how to more effectively implement this orthopedic/neurological concept and other multi-use facilities.


Healthcare / Hospital Management


Qualitative, Name Testing, Message Testing, Focus Groups, In-Depth Interviews

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