What should we name it?

A major television network relied on ANR’s qualitative and quantitative services to choose a name and programming direction for its new streaming channel.

What’s it like to work in television? Usually fun, and always interesting.

Recently, the network introduced a new streaming media service to its lineup. They wanted to name the new service and they wanted the programming to appeal to a young audience. Conducting focus groups in Chicago, Dallas, and Tampa, we tested options for naming a new channel, as well as responses to the content it would show.

For more than five years, we’ve partnered with a broadcast television network to explore their entertainment content, program names, charitable giving platforms, streaming media services, and more.

Informed by our research, the network was able to choose a name and programming direction for the streaming channel. It’s still on the air with a thriving audience, and we continue to work with the network as they develop new programming of all kinds.




Qualitative, Name Testing, Message Testing, Focus Groups, In-Depth Interviews

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