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A tourist hotspot was rebranding itself. ANR deployed multiple methodologies to help update the brand and bring it to market.

A well-known tourism destination was developing a new logo, tagline, and collateral material. It was a big change, and they wanted to be certain they were choosing the right approach. ANR partnered with their advertising agency to deliver key insights and ensure the results were on-point and resonated with the target audience.

Participants weighed in on visual identities, colors, fonts, taglines, T-shirts, and more. They discussed the emotional effects of the brand — what made an impact and what fell flat. Guided by our experienced facilitators, the groups dissected the details and offered their unvarnished views. The brand concepts were further tested through an online quantitative study.

We held focus groups with domestic travelers, conducted in-depth interviews with meeting planners, and fielded an online visitor survey. Using this integrated qualitative and quantitative approach, we provided clarity for our client’s brand identity initiative.

The travel brand, along with its ad agency, was able to confirm and refine their new identity. They went to market with a bold new look that invited travelers to discover and explore.


Tourism / Advertising / Branding


Qualitative, Concept Testing, Message Testing, Focus Groups, In-Depth Interviews

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